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Feeling experimental [Jun. 4th, 2006|10:44 pm]
So I am giving Typepad a spin...it has a few features I think I will like. So for the next little while, I'm going to be posting over there. I'm already torn because I really like LJ. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I will keep both up with different flavors...LJ for friends outside the computer, Typepad for all of my adoring fans in the blogosphere (ha ha ha ha!!). I dunno. Anyway...

So here is the link:


Tell me whatcha think!
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Morford [Jun. 1st, 2006|08:06 pm]
[Current Location |Starbucks!]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |That Starbucks soundtrack]

So my new baby was delivered today. I am the proud owner of a Dell notebook (don't ask for specs or any real details...I am such a girl when it comes to this stuff, and I just can't remember all those numbers). I am already loving being portable. I was so impatient to post about this that I went to Starbucks to take advantage of the WiFi (haven't gotten the high speed yet). So here I sit, sipping on an iced mocha (as if I need any caffeine at this hour...or any hour for that matter) and relishing my first step into being wired (still need a digital camera...gasp...and an iPod, which I think may have to come first...I need it for running, you know). Hello 21st Century!

When I first booted up, XP prompted me to name my computer. It was a hard choice, and I have doubts, but I came up with Morford. It sounded appropriately geeky, but also kind of cool because it is the last name of a columnist I read on SF Gate, Mark Morford, who is liberal, angry, funny, and diverse. And I just couldn't think of anything else. I'm sure he'd be honored by that...

I bought Morford for school. I have several computer classes to take for my lower division major requirements, and most of them are online. I'm thinking work wouldn't appreciate me taking them there, so I took the plunge. Also, it would be nice to be able to work on homework anywhere, anytime. Mostly, though, I am feeding the blogging addiction. She is a mean mother effer, that monkey on my back. Also? I look damn cool with my laptop. And smart.

I have a feeling Morford is going to go damn near everywhere with me. And the internet is going to be so over me and my stupid posts and memes. In like a week, I'll bet. Any takers?
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The List Maker Strikes Again [May. 31st, 2006|03:28 pm]
[music |Foo Fighters - There is Nothing Left to Lose]

You thought you had escaped. Or that maybe I forgot, and you were relieved that there has been a blissful lack of lists in my journal lately. I have lulled you into a false sense of security, and now you are stuck in my web. In my worldwide web. I’m punny.

Um, yeah. Where was I? Oh yeah, a new list. A meme of my own creation (I think…I’ve seen so many, there may be a resemblance to some other, less cool meme…but any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and not the responsibility of the lunatic author). I got to thinking in the car the other day about how I choose which CD to listen to (besides the obvious limitations of what is actually physically in the car), and I think a lot of it has to do with association, and what kind of mood I’m in or want to be in. So once I got on that train of thought, it brought me around to what I listen to in particular situations. And I got curious about what other people do. Yeah, I think about inconsequential crap all the time.

So here are my choices (in no particular order and very much subject to update and change):

Favorite 3 road trip CD’s:
1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way
2. Soundtrack to Reality Bites
3. Eagles – Greatest Hits

Favorite 3 songs for exercise:
1. Foo Fighters – Everlong
2. Rick Springfield – Jesse’s Girl
3. Stone Temple Pilots – Marching Ants

Favorite 3 albums in elementary school
1. Michael Jackson – Thriller
2. Billy Joel – Glass Houses
3. Def Leppard – Pyromania

Favorite 3 albums in high school
1. Def Leppard – Hysteria
2. Bon Jovi – New Jersey
3. Whitesnake – Slip of the Tongue

Songs I am embarrassed I like
1. Matchbox Twenty – pretty much all of them, and I’m ashamed
2. Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand – You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
3. Goo Goo Dolls – Iris (because they are kind of gay and stink of sellout)
4. (an honorable mention) Sugar Ray – When it’s Over (because they are kind of gay, stink of sellout, and the only song that was good at their concert was a Ramones cover)

Favorite 3 albums to listen to when I’m pissed
1. Mudvayne – Lost and Found
2. Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction
3. Pantera – any album

Favorite 3 albums to listen to when I’m stoked
1. Queen – Greatest Hits
2. Foo Fighters – In Your Honor
3. Electric Light Orchestra- Greatest Hits

I have other categories in my head (like for when I’m broken hearted, feeling sentimental, celebrating, to christen my new car with, etc.). But I think this is a good (exhausting and ridiculous) start. So if you’re feeling it (c’mon, you know you want to), take on the challenge.
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3 Day Weekends Rock! [May. 26th, 2006|04:18 pm]
And I sure need it! This week has been one of those weeks that The Divine Goddess of Karma is smacking me upside the head for some unknown offense. Mistake after mistake keeps cropping up at work, and it’s been kind of unpleasant. I have to admit that I have this ego…I like to believe that I’m so smart that I don’t make very many mistakes, and certainly not nit picky rookie BS. But I guess I have to cop to being fallible and human.

Or maybe I’m just burnt the F out. Yep, that’s it. It really is time for a promotion when you start screwing up easy crap…

Have a safe and fun holiday, y’all! Aimee, Nevada City better look out, cuz here we come!
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Yes, Windows are Clear, Which Means I CAN See You [May. 23rd, 2006|01:19 pm]
[mood |relievedrelieved]
[music |Velvet Revolver]

I always crack up at the things people do in full public view. There is, of course, the classic nose picking on the freeway. Every once in awhile you come across some road head (especially interesting from a high profile vehicle) or pot smoking. But it’s not everyday that you, quite innocently, see your neighbor’s girlfriend naked.

OK, it was kind of innocent. I was starting my car yesterday morning, and I noticed someone in my downstairs neighbor’s kitchen window (my parking space is right in front of it). The not-so-innocent part is that I wondered if she might be au natural because I could not see any fabric on her shoulders. So admittedly I watched for a few seconds (while doing normal driver preparation type things, so I wouldn’t be obvious). It was just after 6, an hour when nudity is common. Um, so is the occasional neighbor leaving for work. So I don’t exactly feel guilty.

Actually, I feel amused. Yes, she was naked. Definitely. When she finally saw me, her eyes got as big as the plates at Cheesecake Factory, and she covered her boobs and hit the deck. Then I saw one arm snake up toward the wand that controls the blinds, fumble for a moment, and upon finding it, quickly snap them shut. I busted up the whole way to work. It made my freakin day.

This morning I noticed when I walked by that apartment, the blinds were all closed. Good call, dude. There are lots of nosy neighbors living in our complex. And some of them have blogs.


So I went to the doctor yesterday. My scans came back with minor inflammation in my hip. Apparently I am a big baby. The doctor seems to think it’s nothing that a little shot of cortisone won’t fix (at least temporarily). So I let him stick a needle in my hip. It’s a little sore today, but hopefully that will help. Naturally, he wants me to lose weight. He asked me if I run, and I said that I used to and would like to start again. He gave me the thumbs up on that, so I guess I have no more excuses left…
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New Theme Song!! [May. 16th, 2006|12:54 pm]
[music |Drowning Pool]

Two entries in one day!! Just for Aimee :)

My new choice of theme song should have been obvious to me. Because I think I'm a Fred Durst wannabe badass (oh wait, I'm a bigger badass than that puss), my new theme song is "Step Up" by Drowning Pool. I saw those guys at Empire with EB, and from what I remember, they rocked.

Don't the lyrics "if you wanna step up, you're gonna get knocked down...you had your chance to walk away and live to see another day" suit me?

I rock and kick ass!

Stop laughing. Or else.
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Something in the Water [May. 16th, 2006|10:58 am]
[music |Bryan Adams]

Today a second friend in as many months announced a pregnancy. I am aware that when you are of a certain age, a rash of families spring up. But it makes me want to be overly cautious with pregnancy-inducing activities. Also, for just a moment, it reminds me of the disparity between the lives of many of my friends (and my very own sister) and my own. I’m not sorry I am where I am…I can’t imagine doing things differently. But in some ways I feel so, I don’t know, behind. I don’t feel 32 until I get these little reminders of the goals I have yet to reach.

Still, I am excited for both Kelly, who is due in November, and Michelle, who is due sometime in January. They both have older children (I adore Kelly’s son, who is just turning 9, and Michelle’s little girl is just a doll), and are recently married (I was in Kelly’s wedding last September). They will have lovely families with their new husbands (also have to shout out that both Nick and Kelly (Michelle’s husband’s name is also Kelly, which can be confusing, especially when drunk in Reno, not that I would know or anything) are great guys and fantastic step-dads, and I think they will be the proudest new dads), and they give me hope. Plus I love them both and wish them all the happiness in the world. OK, I am 98% happy and 2% jealous (Nick would get that Friends reference). So sue me.


So yesterday I got to lie for 30 minutes in the machine of wonderfulness that does the MRI’s. Anyone ever done this before? I have heard various reactions since relaying my feelings on the experience. Most people felt claustrophobic and had trouble staying still for the whole time. Me? I had visions of Star Wars proportions and burnt elbows.

I closed my eyes almost the entire time not because of claustrophobia, but because that wall is not pretty. And my imagination can be. Or it can freak me the hell out. At first I listened to the music in my head. But it gets very difficult to concentrate with all that racket. Good God that thing is loud, even with the earplugs they give you. So it wasn’t long before all the various noises started sounding like some intergalactic space fight, all X Wings and Tie Fighters, and I expected the whole thing to pitch and rock because we’re under attack in here. That was kinda cool for the first couple of tests. A little like Star Tours at Disneyland. But then it became totally surreal, almost nightmarish; less George Lucas and more Stephen King.

Oh, and the burnt elbows? The machine started to get really warm toward the end, and my elbows were resting along its inner walls. And when you have to hold perfectly still for that last 6 minute long test, you think you are going to start smelling bacon…oh wait, that’s me, the other white meat.

**edited later to add that my elbows aren't really burnt, they were just very hot, and I don't get the results of the damn test until my follow-up appointment with my regular doc next Monday...in case you were wondering**
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Everyone’s Mother is Embarrassing [May. 12th, 2006|11:49 am]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |Mudvayne]

I’m not sure what got me thinking about this subject, but since Sunday is Mother’s Day, a little post about moms sure seems appropriate. Mom-BASHING may not be, but it’s all in love. Also, I’m throwing in my sister Amanda and my future self, for fairness.

Ways My Mom is Embarrassing

1. She is very loud (yes, that is where I get it from…shaddup already)
2. She is very nosy…although this affects my sisters way more than me
3. The woman is damn near always wearing a red shirt…my BIL and his friends take bets on it
4. She volunteers other people for major tasks without their knowledge
5. She rocks 20 questions, even when no one else is playing
6. She knows EVERYONE, everywhere we go in SoCal, seriously
7. Her persistence/stubbornness know no bounds…when she gets an idea in her head, she’s a bulldog
8. She won’t go anywhere alone if she can help it, and can’t stand when my sisters and I do anything without her
9. She is extremely overprotective
10. Guilt is her most effective weapon, especially with an audience

Ways My Sister Will Embarrass the Chipmunk

1. She will constantly fix something about Chipmunk’s appearance, in public
2. She will be very picky about what Chipmunk is allowed to wear and how she will do her hair
3. She will be very picky about almost everything
4. She will call Chipmunk out about what a slob she is, in front of her friends
5. She will make Chipmunk stay home with her when my BIL is out of town
6. She will announce it to everyone when Chipmunk burps or farts
7. She will tease her about the one thing she is most sensitive about
8. She will display baby photos of the Chipmunk with food in her hair, or the awkward 3rd grade big teeth school pictures, specifically to show prospective boyfriends, and for her own amusement

Ways I Will be an Embarrassing Mom

1. I will either freak out and be a total mother hen or will tell my kid to suck it up when they get hurt…it’s hard to say which
2. When I pick my kids up from somewhere, my car radio will be blaring Def Leppard or Foo Fighters
3. I will sing along, awfully, to Def Leppard or Foo Fighters in front of my kids’ friends
4. I will mother my kids’ friends, too…no one gets off easy with me
5. I will be way too interested in what is going on in all of their lives (read: nosy)
6. I won’t hesitate to tell them when they have bad breath or their pants are too tight (not in front of anyone, though…I’m not that mean)
7. I will have a minor meltdown when they hit that age when I’m not so much with the cool and am instead a major disease
8. I will also have a bit of a fit the first time they call Auntie Amanda or Auntie Ashley instead of me to talk about their latest crush
9. At least once I will allow my 5 year old to go out in public when they have dressed themselves, for my own amusement
10. Most things about my children will be used as a constant source of entertainment, for me

I’m sure you noticed that both my sister (who, BTW, is a phenomenal mom...I am so proud of her) and I have some of the same traits as our mom. I think it’s true that you do channel your own mother eventually, especially when it comes to raising children. I have in my head lists of the things I will and won’t do like my mom. She drove me crazy growing up, so the don’t list is long. But I have to say that she (and my dad) did so much right. I am a better person because they raised me, and gave me a good example for both being a human being and becoming a parent myself. No matter what, my mom has always put us first, even if it wasn’t always obvious. I think there were moments I doubted her love for me growing up, but I surely don’t now. So no matter how much my sister and I tease each other, saying "You sound just like Mom," maybe that's not always the insult it's meant to be.
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What Happens in Vegas, Your Sister Blogs About (And Tells Everyone She Knows) [May. 9th, 2006|01:40 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |None yet...WTF?!?]

I managed to leave work right at the time I intended (because I decided that morning to attempt to leave at 10 a.m. and thusly finally left at the original time of noon) on Thursday, and was able to have everything packed (packing the night before is for losers) and the car loaded by 2 p.m. I was very impressed with myself until about 20 minutes into my drive. There was much forehead-smacking and expletives when it then occurred to me what I had forgotten: my entire toiletry bag, which was sitting on my counter, by the toilet (get it, toiletries?), where I had put everything I needed so that I would not FORGET TO PACK IT. Yeah, and this included, um, my BCP’s, in addition to other unimportant items such as deodorant, hair mousse (you don’t want to see my fro without that!), contact lense stuff and make-up. $60ish later, I solved that problem (I, or rather my mom, who kindly picked up my prescription, had to pay the full $40 for the BCP’s because the insurance company will only cover them a week before I need them) with trips to the pharmacy and Wal-Mart. I mean, I’ve forgotten things like chones before, but my entire bathroom life? Ack!

Still, I even had enough time between arriving in LA around 8:30 Thursday and leaving for Vegas on Friday afternoon to get a haircut and eye-brow wax (thank God because I was looking like a Yeti) from my little sister. I had my bags packed when Amanda came to get me, and everyone else arrived at her house in a timely manner. Her friend Brandi had offered to drive the 5 of us in her Expedition, and her friend Shannon was able to coordinate loading all of our crap into it with minimal fuss. We hit the road early enough to miss most of the De La Hoya fight traffic, and enjoyed the drive for the most part. There was one seat switch between Amanda and I, so that she could sit in the back and watch the Hangin Tough video (gag, New Kids on the Block…my apologies to fans, but yikes!) with her best friend Cyndi, and at one point Cyndi tried to steal my bottle of Gatorade to pee in. But otherwise, our little group got along famously, chatting about explosive diarrhea and anal and swallowing versus spitting and Shannon’s boss who eats his ear wax, and laughing. Oh, and every truck driver on the road kept ogling my sister, so we had endless fun with that.

When we finally got into town and managed to find a Food For Less to buy liquor from (we got two different bottles of vodka, some Red Bull, and some Sprite) so that we wouldn’t have to buy so many drinks, it was pretty much time to start getting ready for the evening. We each made a drink, and the four girls started pulling out like 56 different shirts that they all mixed and matched. I have to say, that was the one time when I felt the size difference between us all…part of the fun of a girl trip is being able to wear someone else’s cute-ass shirt, and no one else wears my size (although Shannon has big breast implants, so I suppose I might have fit into something of hers). Cyndi insisted that I wear my black halter, so I mostly sat and judged everyone else’s choices. Oh, and I became completely frustrated with my newly cut hair because it is kind of big now…and Amanda and Shannon tag-teamed on my make-up.

When everyone was finally primped and fabulous, we headed to Coyote Ugly, which was just down from where we stayed at NY, NY. In case you haven’t seen the movie, Coyote Ugly is a bar named after the situation you get in when you have such beer goggles, you don’t realize how ugly the person you went home with is until you wake up in the morning and have to gnaw off your own arm like a coyote, just to escape without waking the beast. Also, the bartenders are hot chicks, some of whom dance on the bar and have microphones, which they use to berate you into drinking. Pretty early in the evening, the girl with the mic told Cyndi that she and her friends needed to get their asses up on the bar to dance and get free shots (girls get in free, too…the place loads up with paying guys who want to have access to a bunch of drunk hoochies they might possibly score with). So we did. I think we went up there no fewer than 5 times throughout the night. Each time, one of the girls would pour something (I have no idea what booze we were getting) straight from the bottle into our mouths. Plus we took turns buying rounds, so I had at least 5 beers, and at least 2 Jell-o shots, in addition to the 2 vodka and Red Bulls in the room. Yeah, we were all completely effed up. Still, Brandi had the presence of mind to hit the deck whenever they sprayed water on us…her hair was beautifully straightened, and she did not want frizz.

When we decided we would head to the dueling piano bar next (the one in Reno is so fun, so I was totally looking forward to it), Amanda, Brandi and I figured we should go up to the room and put on some flats. My sister kept saying, “My dogs are barking,” then she would bark a few times. I had taken my shoes off and sat on the bathroom counter at one point, and some random girl said something like, “You haven’t had enough to drink if your feet aren’t numb.” I was just proud that I hadn’t taken my shoes off completely in the club, like I did at Altitude in Tahoe when we went up for my friend’s bachelorette party. I do not advise this behavior, no matter how much your feet hurt. Sticky and gross…Anyway, when we got to the room, we changed our shoes and shirts, but somehow I ended up laying on the floor between the beds (I remember sitting on the floor to put my shoes on, but I have no idea how I ended up on my back), and Amanda was half-asleep on one of them. When I started dry-heaving, that sealed the deal that it was time for bed. I think that was around 2 a.m. When Shannon and Cyndi came in around 5, we were dead asleep.

On Saturday, everyone except Shannon and Cyndi was up around 8, and we decided to go grab some grub. I felt funky, but thought food would help immensely. I was totally dressed and we were walking out the door when I realized that yeah, I needed to puke. Which I did. Then I lay back down, and S and C decided to get up while the A and B went to get food and Bloody Marys for hair of the dog (I couldn’t even think of taking a sip…bleccch). While S was in the shower, I had to puke again. Did I tell you she’s a saint? So I ended up sleeping it off while the others went down to the pool. When they came back, I was feeling so much better…good even. So we got dolled up again and started walking down the Strip. Brandi was saying how low maintenance the whole weekend had been, and how we should do this every year, which sounded like a great idea to me. It was warm, not hot outside, and it was so relaxing just chilling with the girls. We ate at PF Chang’s over at the Aladdin. God their food is grubbin. We were seated upstairs, and my sister was lovely enough to remind me not to fall on them, just before Cyndi stumbled and nearly fell herself. After dinner we strolled around the Strip some more and generally took it easy since we were going to get up and be on the road by 9.

Neither Brandi nor I had been on the roller coaster at NY, NY, so we headed that way. The other 3 were going to go do some shopping and maybe play some slots. A couple of minutes after they left us in line, Amanda popped her head back in and told us to meet them at the room instead. We figured that since it was almost 11, they must be tired and were going to get all packed up for the trip home. So we went on the coaster, which was almost worth the $12.50 it costs to ride (I love me some adrenaline). When we were done, we decided to go ahead and do some shopping for her kids and try to hit a roulette table since we knew once we went upstairs, we wouldn’t come back down.

We must have been gone about an hour. When we walked back into the room, everyone turned and stared at us. The scene just looked wrong. I think it was my sister who said, “Yeah, Cyndi broke her ankle.” Of course, at that moment there was much hubbub and guilt. Apparently she fell down on the stairs that lead away from the roller coaster, and they decided not to tell us because we wouldn’t have gone on the ride. The whole outside part of her left ankle looked like it had gulped up a golf ball. So Amanda and Shannon took her to the emergency room while Brandi and I finished packing up the room. They called around 2:30 a.m. to let us know they would be heading back after they picked up her prescription. Then Amanda called back a few minutes later to tell us the hospital was under lockdown because a gunshot victim had walked in unescorted. Brandi and I caught a little sleep, then we headed home around 4 when the girls finally got back to the hotel.

The drive home was much more subdued than the trip there. Brandi drove, and it was my job to keep her awake. The other 3 were in and out of sleep. It took us three tries to find somewhere to eat that was actually open. We finally stopped at the McDonald’s in Barstow around 6:30 (2 ½ hours of starving!). So everyone was fully awake to see that when we got on the freeway, traffic was completely stopped. Turns out there was a rollover and someone had to be Life Flighted after being unpinned from their truck. We sat there for about 45 minutes with the engine off. Fortunately, we’re girls, so we chatted. Mostly we made fun of Cyndi, telling her that falling off the bar at Coyote Ugly was a better story than down the stairs, and that she just couldn’t stand that there was no drama on our trip. Once the traffic cleared, we made it home in good time and everyone went to crash.

The moral of the story: never point out that things are drama-free. Reality will bitch slap you good for that one.
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Thank you! [May. 2nd, 2006|02:55 pm]
[mood |busy]

I don't have much time for a post today. I was in this silly team building thing all day and now I'm trying to catch up on as much work as possible before going to VEGAS.

Still, I wanted to take a minute and thank all of you guys for coming over on Saturday. I had the best time! It was great having a reason to try out new recipes, hang out and chat, and drink some wine! Also, I appreciated how sweet everyone was to the fur kids. It was all awesome.

Oh, I do have to tell you guys that I had a total LJ moment yesterday. So, I left my office a minute or two late for my lightrail train, but I attempted to make it anyway. While I was walking, I was trying to put on the one strap style backpack that Aimee gave me on Sunday (thanks, Aims!!!), and I could. not. get. it. on. right. Like, at all. Everytime I tried to put it on, the pouch part would end up on my front. I would reverse it (I thought), and it would still end up on my front. I would turn it over, and it would end up upside down, on my front. This is a BACKpack. Remember that I was doing all of this WHILE WALKING. Which my track record at is shaky at best. Fortunately, I merely tripped and had to catch myself. The only time I do a full on face plant is when I don't have a soft backpack to break my fall. Anyway, I finally figured it out (until I tried again this morning with no luck). But I have to use my right boob to hold it in place, so it won't choke the s**t out of me (which looks super hot).

BTW, I'm totally not ungrateful (in spite of my issues, I love it...lots of pockets...pretty pink color...it's very holdy...neat-o!). Just a complete spaz.
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